‘TribeFoot’: Know History, Know Self; Grow your Kapwa , Keep your Roots. This is my writing persona and nickname given to me by a friend.  Here’s the story that inspired it all:

During WWII, my grandmother on my mother’s side lived in/under wild mango trees on the island of Palawan. When she was a girl, she was allowed to wander from the canopy only at certain hours to gather or fish; otherwise, she stayed under the shelter of the tree.  When I was a kid, and she told me these stories as if they were fun adventures. In my childish mind, I thought it would be so cool to live the way she did, only to learn later that it was not by choice but by extremely unfortunate circumstance.

Thinking about my grandma running around and scaling trees barefoot made me aspire to achieve feats like hers one day–assume her strength, her responsibility, her resilience. By respecting my ancestry, my family, and history thus gave me: TribeFoot.  The connection to my culture and the groundedness is well summarized by this name, and I hope with this back-story you can come to appreciate and respect it as well.

*Read more about my Grandma’s story in my post titled ‘A Tale of Two Trees


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