TribeFoot History

In my previous blog post, I said I would share the story of how I came to the alias, TribeFoot.  I understand this name ‘TribeFoot’ might insinuate a lot.  Well, in short, it is actually a nickname given to me by a friend.  He and I have a mutual affinity for kicking off our shoes and wandering barefoot in natural environments – on a hike in the woods, near the ocean, playing ball in the grass in a field.  But here’s the story:

I told him about my grandmother on my mom’s side living in/under wild mango trees on Palawan during WWII.  You can read a more in-depth story in another post I titled ‘A Tale of Two Trees‘.  As relates to my writing alias, I’ll keep the story here short.  My grandma was only allowed to wander away from the canopy at certain hours to hunt or fish to make food; otherwise, she stayed near the tree.  I remember when I was a kid and she would tell me these stories as if they were fun adventures–I thought it would be so cool to live the way she did, only to learn later that it was not by choice but by extremely unfortunate circumstance.

Anyway, I was joking with him about my grandma running around and scaling trees barefoot and that someday, I will be able to achieve feats like that.  I guess the idea of going back to my cultural roots reminded him of a tight-knit community – a tribe.  We applaud the native and indigenous knowledge of working with the land for sustainable life styles, and having an overall deeper connection to your surroundings.  My bud noted my enthusiasm, and thus gave me: TribeFoot.  The cultural roots and the grounded nature I’ve always felt is well summarized by this name, and I hope with this back-story you can come to appreciate and respect it as well.



Welcome new readers, and hello old readers.  I have decided to leave my old blog and give it a makeover on wordpress.  My previous blog served as an outlet for me during a lull in inspiration, content, and deep writer’s block.  Now that I have solidified my aims and interests, it is time for a new look.  Thank you for remaining curious and patient to what I have to say!

So hi, hello, and thanks for stopping by.  TribeFoot is a social media alias of mine, but my actual name is Lauren.  The name TribeFoot has it’s own story which I will dedicate another post to in the near future.  I figure I’ll first start with this inaugural post by saying that I have finally come to the point of reawakening my ancestral spirit.  I suppose this was always very strong within me, as many things in life – as I was growing up and now – never really made sense until I allowed myself to believe that I actually had an unknown source of wisdom.  Once I got past that hurdle, everything started to make sense.  Everything started to become connected.

Through this blog, I am beginning to explore my own cultural displacement as a first generation Filipino-American, born and raised in the diaspora.  Despite my very Western upbringing and existence, I am beginning the journey of learning and unlearning some rules and ways of being.  I am claiming my identity as a descendant from an indigenous ancestor who was colonized, other-ed, and transported to a foreign place to be heavily marginalized.  Now I endeavor to unravel this story by entering into the various dialogues of native/indigenous practices with a keen interest in the interconnected values and world views many communities share.  Help me flesh out the discussions I have been hearing amongst generations and across oceans!