TribeFoot is a totally personal, non-academic blog dedicated to unraveling shared cultural experiences of native/indigenous peoples through reawakening, storytelling, and revitalizing ancestral spirit.  I am beginning to explore my own cultural displacement as an Ilokana Visayan born and raised in the diaspora.  

I have encountered many identity crises as I slowly learned over the years that the generational and cultural divides between my grandparents, parents, and peers are vast.

Despite my very Western upbringing and existence, I am beginning the journey of learning and unlearning some rules and ways of being.  I am claiming my identity as a descendant from ancestors who were both colonized and settler colonizers, other-ed, and migrated to a foreign place to be heavily marginalized.  

Please join me in all the interesting dialogues of our indiGenius and imagiNative roots.


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