Welcome new readers, and hello old readers.  I have decided to leave my old blog and give it a makeover on wordpress.  My previous blog served as an outlet for me during a lull in inspiration, content, and deep writer’s block.  Now that I have solidified my aims and interests, it is time for a new look.  Thank you for remaining curious and patient to what I have to say!

So hi, hello, and thanks for stopping by.  TribeFoot is a social media alias of mine, but my actual name is Lauren.  The name TribeFoot has it’s own story which I will dedicate another post to in the near future.  I figure I’ll first start with this inaugural post by saying that I have finally come to the point of reawakening my ancestral spirit.  I suppose this was always very strong within me, as many things in life – as I was growing up and now – never really made sense until I allowed myself to believe that I actually had an unknown source of wisdom.  Once I got past that hurdle, everything started to make sense.  Everything started to become connected.

Through this blog, I am beginning to explore my own cultural displacement as a first generation Filipino-American, born and raised in the diaspora.  Despite my very Western upbringing and existence, I am beginning the journey of learning and unlearning some rules and ways of being.  I am claiming my identity as a descendant from an indigenous ancestor who was colonized, other-ed, and transported to a foreign place to be heavily marginalized.  Now I endeavor to unravel this story by entering into the various dialogues of native/indigenous practices with a keen interest in the interconnected values and world views many communities share.  Help me flesh out the discussions I have been hearing amongst generations and across oceans!


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